This year is the 17th Medway Beer Festival at the Stanley Ballroom in Chatham and once again there are several changes aimed at keeping the event interesting.


For the first time we have a rum bar – yes rum! Everyone is talking about and drinking gin, but rum is said to be the next trend so we are trying to get in early.  We will have about 30 rums available for you to taste. The emphasis is on drinking them neat, but we do have a couple of basic mixers if you need them.

The other major innovation this year is a big display area put together by Medway historian David Burton. It mainly features images and artifacts from Medway’s lost pubs and breweries. He has also created a moving picture show which you should find fascinating. He has a quiz and will be available during the festival to chat to those interested in his stories.


As the event ends near November 11th, we have again chosen the Royal British Legion as our charity for obvious reasons. You can buy your poppy at any time during the festival. You can also leave your unused vouchers which will go towards the charity. So far we have raised more than £3,600 for a variety of good causes. The 50 cask conditioned ales are the most important part of the event and they have been chosen from throughout the UK for their style, taste, colour, flavour and strength.  


Our range of ciders is from the Kent Cider Company because they have been such a big success in the last two years. On each bar there will be jugs of tap water so that you can either rinse your glass or take a mouthful to refresh your palate. There will also be biscuits or wafers until they run out – again a first last year, which is being re-introduced because it was so popular! We are looking forward to seeing you.



The line-up this year. Fred Clark is the Thursday man, Steve Crispe is on Friday and the Kindreds are on Saturday.

Here are our opening hours:

Thursday 8th November – 1600 until 2300 – £3.00 Entry
Friday 9th November – 1100 until 2300 – £5.00 Entry
Saturday 10th November – 1100 until 2300 – £4.00 Entry

Tickets are a pound off with a valid CAMRA membership card or a Medway Messenger voucher.