This years ales

1 Box Steam Handlebar 3.4% – This copper coloured bitter is full flavoured, full bodied with a lemon and lime twist.
2 Strathaven Craigmill Mild 3.5% – A rich chocolate aroma is followed by a subtle lingering orange zest for this well balanced dark mild.
3 Hammerpot Seaspray IPA 3.7% – A light, refreshing session IAP combining simple sweet malt flavours with crisp, citrus and airy floral notes.
4 JW Lees MPA 3.7% – Liberty and Mount Hood hops make this golden ale fruity, citrus, hoppy and malty.
5 Ayr Leezie Lundie 3.8% – Slovenian hops produce a fruity, golden, thirst quenching session ale with a grapefruit and pine nose and a refreshing finish.
6 Burton Bridge Golden Delicious 3.8% – A pale straw-coloured ale with a strong hop aroma and a dry bitter finish.
7 Rudgate Viking 3.8% – An easy drinking amber coloured session bitter. The initial maltiness leads to a gentle lingering fruitiness.
8 1648 Festivale 3.8% – Pale copper coloured with a refreshing fruity flavour, finishing with an appetising floral aroma.
9 Franlkins Lawless 3.8% – There’s no end to how easily this goes down! A New England session pale ale with a gentle bitterness and soft fruit flavours.
10 Salopian Luna 3.8% – Orange blossom and lemon zest sparkles over this juicy, tropical fruit filled pale ale.
11 Hop Back Pacific Jade 3.9% – A New Zealand hop with an interesting mix of flavours. Herbal, lemon zest and black pepper will add to this very pale bitter.
12 Bushys Golden Oldie 4.0% – This 60’s style pale ale is in honour of the off-shore Radio Caroline. Brewed with 100% Golding hops.
13 Maxim Ward’s Best Bitter 4.0% Initial subtle aroma hop overtones compliment this Yorkshire bitter. Do you get toasted biscuit and mellow citrus?
14 Salopian Silhouette 4.0% – A rustic golden ale with a focus of pine and citrus hops on the aroma and lashings of fruit on the palate.
15 Bank Top Bad to the Bone 4.0% – Tan coloured with floral qualities and delicate citrus notes.
16 Kirkby Lonsdale Singletrack Black 4.0% – This black IPA is brewed with a cracking selection of malts and a big charge of New World hops.
17 Mauldons Lemon Adder 4.0% – An amber bitter with fresh citrus aromas which develop into a balanced, fruity and a refreshing dry bitter finish.
18 Outstanding Amarillo 4.0% – A golden pale ale with a citrusy, zesty taste and aroma.
19 Tring Squadron Scramble 4.0% – Brewed to commemorate the Battle of Britain. It’s light coloured, malty with a courageous hop aroma.
20 Elland Apollo Bay 4.1% – Easy drinking, this straw-coloured premium ale is well-hopped with a citrus, passion fruit flavour and aroma.
21 Box Steam Tunnel Vision 4.2% – This light amber bitter is clean tasting with a slight bitterness. It’s hoppy with a fruity nose and a sharp, malty, dry finish.
22 Goose Eye Chinook Blonde 4.2% – Bursting at the seams with American Chinook hops, this ale has copious amounts of flavour and an abundance of aroma.
23 Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale 4.2% – A golden-coloured best bitter with a perfect balance of malt flavour and a floral hop aroma.
24 Cotleigh Night Owl 4.2% – Copper or bronze in colour, this ale has a light taste with a hint of backcurrant and a touch of orange.
25 Ilkley Ilkley Pale 4.2% – A dry, crisp pale ale which is strongly hopped to give a strong but mellow floral finish.
26 Acorn Barnsley Gold 4.3% – This award-winning golden beer has good bitterness levels, with a fresh citrus and hop aroma.
27 High Weald Charcoal Burner Stout 4.3% – A dark, smoky and delicious oatmeal stout brewed with five different malts and a healthy helping of oats.
28 Pheasantry American IPA 4.3% – Powerful American hops give this pale ale floral and citrus notes.
29 Malt Winter Ale 4.4% –  Chestnut in colour, this delicious winter ale is made with Belgian malt for an indulgent pint.
30 Wolf Sirius Dog Star 4.4% – This unique flavoured red ale is lightly hopped with American hops and has a soft fruity finish.
31 Mordue Workie Ticket 4.5% – A tasty, complex beer with malt and hops throughout and a long, satisfying bitter finish.
32 Acorn Phantasm 4.5% – This very pale yellow ale is well hopped with New Zealand hops to give citrusy, pine-like aromas.
33 Elgoods Plum Porter 4.5% – A rich, dark, sweet ruby porter with the flavour of ripe plums. The fruity taste has a dry finish.
34 Mr Grundy’s 1918 Red Ale 4.5% – This red ale has a sweetshop start with sugary sweet fruits and citrus centres.
35 Rudgate Bitter Sweet 4.6% – A golden premium ale. It’s bittersweet with citrus and tropical fruit flavours.
36 Tring Pale Four 4.6% – Hops, hops and more hops provide a robust base for this punchy American west coast IPA style beer.
37 Wadworth Red APA 4.6%  An American red, hopped pale ale bursting with pine and citrus aromas, followed by notes of earth, spice and berries.
38 Bays Storm IPA 4.6% – A ruby-red, well-balanced smooth bitter using a single variety of America’s finest Mosaic hops.
39 Elland Lanky Jack 4.6% – This flavoursome premium pale ale has a mixture of malts and hops to create hints of tropical fruits and grapefruit.
40 Robinsons Trooper 4.7% – Created by the rock group Iron Maiden. It’s golden with malt flavours and citrus notes which leave a hint of lemon.
41 Bexley Anchor Bay IPA 4.8% – A deep golden ale with tropical zesty aroma and a fruity, citrus and passion fruit flavour.
42 Hambleton Coco Pop Milk Stout 4.8% – This smooth, chocolate milk stout is dark and delicious and they really did use Coca Pops!
43 Settle Blackthorn Sloe Porter 5.0% – A smooth, dark and malty porter infused with Yorkshire sloes – just the tonic!
44 Strathaven Winter Glow 5.0% – This nutty brown ale is flavoured with cinnamon and tangerine zest giving it a warming finish.
45 Mauldons Octoberfest 5.0% – A smooth, strong, mid-brown bitter with a soft hoppy aroma that gives a lingering finish.
46 Pheasantry Dancing Dragonfly 5.0% – This refreshing blonde beer gives a strong sense of exotic fruit flavours.
47 Windswept 1806 Stout 5.0% – Pitch black, this classic Scottish stout is rich in coffee flavour with a good roasted barley finish.
48 Bays Devon Dumpling 5.1% – A strong golden ale with a fresh hop character. It has a smooth taste with a balanced sweetness.
49 Wolf Timber Wolf 5.2% – A deep, dark, fruity ale with ruby hues – full-bodied in flavour with a velvety finish.
50 Peerless Ekuanot IPA 5.3% – This single hopped IPA has tropical fruit notes with hints of peach and papaya.  

  • Beer vouchers cannot be refunded. However, your cash will not be wasted. During the last 14 years we have raised more than £3,300 for a variety of charities. This year you can put your unused vouchers in the box at the exit and the cash will go to the Royal British Legion. All the money you put in the machines in the games area will be donated to the Royal British Legion courtesy of Ivor Thomas Automatics, the Kent company which has just celebrated 40 years of serving pubs and clubs with amusement machines throughout the south-east.

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